Welcome to the AMC Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Trial Examination.

The AMC is developing new software to improve the current online MCQ Trial Examination.

During this development period, the AMC is waiving the fee of $25 for the online MCQ Trial Examination and making the trial free.

When completed, features of the new system will include:

  • Inclusion of new questions with frequent updates
  • Improved feedback to users following answer selection
  • The ability to access the Trial Examination using mobile devices

Further information regarding the implementation of the new system will be notified on the AMC website when available.

The AMC hopes the initiative of making the current online MCQ Trial Examination free, and developing improved trial examination software will be of benefit to AMC candidates and other users.

This trial examination has a selection of 50 multiple choice questions from the AMC Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions. The presentation of the questions are in the format of the current AMC MCQ examinations. The standard of the examination is set at the level of a graduating Australian Medical student.

You will be given your overall percentage correct after you have completed the test. The questions in this trial examination are keyed to the specific questions found in the AMC Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions.

On behalf of the AMC Editorial Committee and the Board of Examiners, we hope you find this trial examination beneficial to prepare for your assessments and to self-test in this way under examination conditions.